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Oct 02

Get The Edge Over 95% Of The Network Marketers Out There! | Network Marketing

dig deep

  This Is Your Time In Networking Marketing To Thrive!     We can never escape the fact that the life blood of our business is leads, if you have not got leads, you have not got a business.   The fact is, there is a way of getting leads that actually want what you …

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Jan 14

Bury The Ghosts Of Last Year! | 2015

forget the past

    Forgetting Past Issues    When building your own business sometimes it can get difficult when you hold on to the challenges that have previously happened,  especially in network marketing,  if a person cannot look forward and forget about the challenges they faced, then they will struggle to build their business. People let you …

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Dec 18

The Success Mindset-Kansas City Workshop

Person Question Mark

    Success Mindset   Earlier on this this year the company i am with asked me to do a workshop on the “Success Mindset“ This was such an important workshop to do because success in Network Marketing is going to start in a person’s head. A person will experience success in our industry, as with …

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Sep 11

Why Facebook Marketing?

Don't do it

Enter Your Name & Email BelowWatch the full presentationFirst Name: Email: Show Presentation!Tweet Get Useful Tips About Facebook Marketing Which Are Very Easy To Understand   Social media has turned into a great tool for several businesses to promote themselves, there isn’t a social media platform that is more popular than Facebook. Today, Facebook marketing …

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Aug 11

DailyBread Procrastination

Procrastination Are you guilty of this? I know I am; that is Procrastination & Discipline. The only commodity we cannot get back is time, so it is very important that we do not waste it. One of the common time wasting activities is procrastination. We need to be disciplined enough to work to a structure …

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Aug 07

DailyBread Repetition

The Mother Of All Learning Repetition   How do you master something? Through repetition! This is how the majority of things are learnt.   Success Happens Start From Birth From the moment we are born we begin to receive information and that constant bomardment of information is the thing that begins to develop our understanding …

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Jul 30

Daily Bread, Take The Plunge

Taking The Plunge   What is it that you are thinking about doing that fear is stopping you from doing? Take The Plunge and step out in faith. Do not live a life of regret, the only commodity we cannot get back is time. Live your dream and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Success …

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Jul 17

DailyBread “Adding Value”

The Strength Of Adding Value   How is your life adding value to people. This is an important question to address because many people push others away from themselves, simply because of their attitude. If you can put others before yourself, if you can have an attitude of service, then your success is guaranteed. The …

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Jun 22

DailyBread “Living Vs Surviving”

  Have You Thought Of Living vs Surviving? Most people are just surviving instead of living life to the full. Fear stops them from reaching their full potential and keeps them in the status quo. Life is too short and we only get one go at it. Don’t live in the, Would Have, Could Have, …

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Jun 19

DailyBread “Be Careful Who You Believe”

Be Careful Who You Believe You have to be careful who you believe because many people will tell you a lot of rubbish and call it advice. I can guarantee you know someone who is a so called “Expert” at something and who will give you advice in that thing, however they have NO personal …

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