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How To Deal With The Pressure Of Building A Network Marketing Business






Network marketing as with any other business comes with its own pressures and associated challenges. Many people when they go to a network marketing meeting and decide to join the opportunity, come into the opportunity with the wrong expectation. They expect that the business will naturally just fall in their lap and money will easy money in Network Marketingjust start rolling in, because that is the impression from the hypey presentation they saw. However the reality is something completely different. The reality is in order to be successful in network marketing it is going to cause the person to have to put the effort in. It is going to cause them to have to learn new skills, it is going to cause him to have to develop a thick skin, because not everybody they speak to is going to join them in the business. Unfortunately many people are not prepared for this and so when the challenges come, they use those challenges as an excuse why either the business doesn’t work or they’re just not fit for the business.

Be Real In Network Marketing


It is so important that when somebody starts another person in a network marketing opportunity they set the righbusinesst expectation so the person knows what to expect in their journey.


The pressures in building a network marketing business are these:

1. Not everybody is going to see the vision in the same way you see it, so when they are not as focused as you are, that can cause frustration.

2. Some people are going to join you in the business and they have no desire for helping people they just see the money, that in turn can cause pressure when you’re trying to mentor them.

3. People that you invest time in and you raise them up so they get to a certain level, then all of a sudden start believing their own hype and then become very unteachable and in some cases very ungrateful.

So how do you deal with these pressures?


successFirstly you always have to have your “Desperate Why” in front of you, that is the reason why you personally started doing your business and is your driver for continuing to do your business. You then also have to understand that the only behaviour you can control is your own, so you operate with integrity and do what you need to do.

Also never forget that in this world there are all types of people and if you try to figure out why people do what they do, you will just go crazy, so don’t go down that road. Who you’re looking for are people that have vision just like you, who have integrity just like you, who have a good work ethic just like you and who have a passion for helping people just like you. When you start working with these people and you see them advance to the various levels in the compensation plan and you also see these people changing their lives, that in itself cancels out all of the negativity that you can experience when you come across the negative types of people that will join you in your business.success

Remember this, a good name is far better than any money you can make, so never compromise your integrity or compromise who you are for a check. So many people have done that and they try to convince people that they are something they are not, basically manipulating people. However fortunately with the passage of time, the true motives we be exposed for what they are. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.


Yes This Does Happen When Building Your Business!


Recently I had one of my leaders leave my business and join another opportunity, the way I dealt with that is the way that I greener grasswould always deal with similar situations, because the reality is, people are going to join you in the business all the time and people are going to leave your business all the time.  People will always get tempted into other opportunities because of a message that “the grass is greener on the other side”. So the way I dealt with that situation was, NEXT!, who else can I now help to raise up to the level that this particular person was at and then help them go beyond that, also how many other people can I also raise up. You see if you are always other people focused, that will keep you focused and always help you to build your network. So take your eyes off the negativity that is associated to building a network marketing business, because those negativities are not unique to network marketing they are in any business, so you decide to build your business and not make excuses, because we are dealing with people and personalities.

The challenges in network marketing will come but it is not about the challenge, it’s about your attitude towards the challenge, that is going to be the thing that will determine your success or your failure. So understand this, you are in the best industry on the planet, you have the potential to make a significant income for yourself and your family, so do yourself a favour and never let anybody steal your dream!


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