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Jun 19

DailyBread “Be Careful Who You Believe”

Be Careful Who You Believe You have to be careful who you believe because many people will tell you a lot of rubbish and call it advice. I can guarantee you know someone who is a so called “Expert” at something and who will give you advice in that thing, however they have NO personal …

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Jun 18

DailyBread “Times & Seasons”

What re The Times & Seasons You Are Currently In? There are Times & Seasons for everything under the Sun! It is so important for people to understand that, where they are now is not where they are going to be in the future. They need to have vision in order to continue to work …

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Jun 12

DailyBread “Take Ownership”

Take Ownership   So many people just want to point the finger and blame other people for their lack of success instead of taking ownership of the situation that they are currently in. One of the biggest things in life that we can gain on a continual basis is personal growth, because personal growth will …

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Nov 02

Prospecting Vs Attraction Marketing | Prospect And Attraction Marketing

What Is The Difference Between Prospecting And Attraction Marketing?   There is a big difference between prospecting and attraction marketing and one of the main differences is the speed in which you can get a person interested enough you need to start working. Prospecting is a lot quicker where as attraction marketing you have to put …

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Sep 13

Reliv Does It Again!


Reliv Recognition Reliv International makers of nutritional supplements that promotes optimal health have done it again. This year in July they were awarded their second Stevie award for product innovation.   Their new product LunaRich X was named winner of the People’s choice Stevie awards for favourite new consumer product in the 11th annual American …

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Mar 19

SEO, How Do You Do IT?


             How To Understand SEO? Lets begin with a quick explanation of SEO:   SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and this is what all online marketers are trying to achieve. Search Engine Optimisation is achieved by selecting the best targeted keyword phrases that relates to your site, to make sure your site can …

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