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Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 31

DailyBread What Or How To Do It

Have The Right People Around You It shouldn’t supprise you that when you start something new, you are learning What or How to do it. The process of learning starts with small simple steps. So many people do not make decisions that can seriously improve their situations simply because they let fear hold them back. …

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Jul 30

Daily Bread, Take The Plunge

Taking The Plunge   What is it that you are thinking about doing that fear is stopping you from doing? Take The Plunge and step out in faith. Do not live a life of regret, the only commodity we cannot get back is time. Live your dream and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Success …

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Jul 18

DailyBread “Invest In Yourself”

Why Is It Important To Invest In Yourself?   It is so important to continue to invest in yourself. So many people stop learning once they leave school or university, not realising that we will be learning until the day we die.   Success Is A Mindset The difference between success and failure is the …

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Jul 17

DailyBread “Adding Value”

The Strength Of Adding Value   How is your life adding value to people. This is an important question to address because many people push others away from themselves, simply because of their attitude. If you can put others before yourself, if you can have an attitude of service, then your success is guaranteed. The …

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Jul 14

DailyBread “Your Vision”

Your Vision Is Your Vision!   Don’t be surprised when people do not see your vision in the same way you see it. When you try to get someone to see your vision like you see it and they don’t, you get very frustrated. A visionary is a very unique type of person. Most people …

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Jul 09

DailyBread “FEAR”

FEAR How are you living your life? Are you letting fear govern everything that you do?Successful people learn to deal with fear and take ACTION! The Importance Of Taking Action The grave yard is full of good intentions, people who WOULD HAVE acted on their opportunities, COULD HAVE acted on their opportunities, SHOULD HAVE acted …

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