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Jun 17

DailyBread “Procrastination”

Procrastination    Procrastination is one of the biggest killers to success, many times people think that they are being productive by doing activity, but unfortunately what they are doing is actually making them unproductive, they are procrastinating. Just doing stuff does not mean you are being productive, in order for us to really be successful in …

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Jun 10

DailyBread “Integrity”

Integrity Here is another installment of daily bread, the word for today is integrity. A lot of people take this for granted and try to do things that are self-serving, but if people just understand the importance of integrity, they will achieve a lot more in life, get a lot more done and help a lot more …

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Jun 09

Daily Bread: Don’t Quit!

Daily Bread Success in life is determined by what you choose to do and if you are willing to stick at what you are doing and be consistent with it, if you do that then you will be successful. The challenge for many people is that when people experience things that get too difficult, they …

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Jul 03

Can Anyone Build A Network Marketing Business In The UK?

basic fundamentals

The True Issue With Network Marketing The question is not so much can anybody build a network marketing business in the UK, the real issue is, will everybody build a network marketing business in the UK? You see network marketing just like any other industry has basic fundamentals and principles that has to be applied …

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May 20

Network Marketing And Stay At Home Dads

Stay at home dads

Dads Need To Spend More Time With Their Kids!     As I think of my life at the moment and how different it is compared to 7 years ago when I was working in the corporate world, I can only say I’m very grateful to the industry of network marketing. As a stay at …

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May 13

Start Your Day Right!

new beginning

Every Day Is A New Beginning This is so important to start your day right, because the way you start your day will be the foundation of the days successes or the days failures. Do Not Waste Your Mind The mind is a space that can be filled with all kinds of information, this information …

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May 07

Profits Vs Wages

Profits Vs Wages

Time To Wake Up To The Reality Of Profits Vs Wages    Many people in the UK have bought into the lie of corporate security, thinking that their jobs will sustain them until retirement age and their pensions will sustain them there after. The truth is, corporate security is long gone! I remember when I …

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Mar 26

Home Based Business Opportunities In The UK, What Are The Benefits? | home-based business opportunities in the UK

UK Flag

Do Home Based Business Opportunities In The UK Work?   In today’s economy people are looking outside of the box in order to get answers on how they will be able to secure their financial futures. For years many people have bought into the lie of corporate security that comes with having a job, Many …

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Feb 08

Why build A home-based business? | Home Based Business

Wrong perception

The Wrong Perception Of Generating An Income   Normally when people look at their options for generating an income, they normally look at trading their time for somebody else’s money, so they look for higher paying job. We are trained, from a very early age through the school system to do just that, so you …

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Jul 30

Impossible is it?


At some point in a persons life, people dream of achieving something great, having success and being remembered, you know being somebody special. If you are honest with yourself, you have probably dreamed of being a Holly Wood star and a famous music artist, or my be a successfully rich business man/woman. Maybe your dreams …

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