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Aug 23

Success DailyBread

success in Network Marketing2

Success The Most Coveted Thing!   Success is not an accident, but a result of consistent action. Many people join the home based business industry with a GET RICH QUICK mentality and they wonder why they NEVER build anything significant. It is going to take work and consistent effort to be successful in this industry. …

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Aug 21

DailyBread Program Your Mind


Program Your Mind Correctly   Our minds are like a huge computer that needs programming, so it is important what you program your mind with. There is a saying that says “If you hang around 4 broke people, you are guaranteed to be number 5” Program Your Mind And Become the Person You Want To …

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Aug 19

DailyBread Repetition Second Instalment


Repetition (Cont.)   This is the second edition of me talking about Repetition. This is how important this topic is to your success. A lack of consistency will kill you every time, so many people loose out on success just because of a lack of consistency. They do not develop the level of posture they …

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Aug 14

DailyBread Courage

Courage Are you Courageous enough to go after your goals and dreams? Is life just about survival for you or are you passionate about having freedom? There is always going to be the Rich, Middle Class, Working Class and the Poor. In the west we have so such opportunities, no one has an excuse for …

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Aug 11

DailyBread Procrastination

Procrastination Are you guilty of this? I know I am; that is Procrastination & Discipline. The only commodity we cannot get back is time, so it is very important that we do not waste it. One of the common time wasting activities is procrastination. We need to be disciplined enough to work to a structure …

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Aug 07

DailyBread Repetition

The Mother Of All Learning Repetition   How do you master something? Through repetition! This is how the majority of things are learnt.   Success Happens Start From Birth From the moment we are born we begin to receive information and that constant bomardment of information is the thing that begins to develop our understanding …

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Jul 31

DailyBread What Or How To Do It

Have The Right People Around You It shouldn’t supprise you that when you start something new, you are learning What or How to do it. The process of learning starts with small simple steps. So many people do not make decisions that can seriously improve their situations simply because they let fear hold them back. …

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Jul 30

Daily Bread, Take The Plunge

Taking The Plunge   What is it that you are thinking about doing that fear is stopping you from doing? Take The Plunge and step out in faith. Do not live a life of regret, the only commodity we cannot get back is time. Live your dream and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Success …

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Jul 18

DailyBread “Invest In Yourself”

Why Is It Important To Invest In Yourself?   It is so important to continue to invest in yourself. So many people stop learning once they leave school or university, not realising that we will be learning until the day we die.   Success Is A Mindset The difference between success and failure is the …

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Jul 17

DailyBread “Adding Value”

The Strength Of Adding Value   How is your life adding value to people. This is an important question to address because many people push others away from themselves, simply because of their attitude. If you can put others before yourself, if you can have an attitude of service, then your success is guaranteed. The …

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