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Sep 11

Why Facebook Marketing?

Don't do it

Enter Your Name & Email BelowWatch the full presentationFirst Name: Email: Show Presentation!Tweet Get Useful Tips About Facebook Marketing Which Are Very Easy To Understand   Social media has turned into a great tool for several businesses to promote themselves, there isn’t a social media platform that is more popular than Facebook. Today, Facebook marketing …

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May 27

Just Surviving vs Having A Lifestyle

corporate life

The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. Lets Start First With A Statistic   Earl Nightingale a very famous economist stated this statistics: if you take 10 sharp people and track them from the age of 25 through to 65, what you will …

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May 01

Are You Really Adding Value | Network Marketing

adding value

  With the advent of attraction marketing, many people are now using buzzwords like Add Value and Lead With Value, but what does this actually mean? Everybody thinks that their companies product or service is the best and those people who do not understand attraction marketing will always lead with their business, trying to push …

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Nov 02

Prospecting Vs Attraction Marketing | Prospect And Attraction Marketing

What Is The Difference Between Prospecting And Attraction Marketing?   There is a big difference between prospecting and attraction marketing and one of the main differences is the speed in which you can get a person interested enough you need to start working. Prospecting is a lot quicker where as attraction marketing you have to put …

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Apr 19

The Challenge Of Network Marketing


The Challenge Of This Industry   Network marketing as an industry attracts people that are very passionate, people that are passionate about helping other people and people who are passionate about changing their own situation. With all the companies that are out there and the products and services that are offered, a person has to …

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Feb 18

Network Marketing Success Secrets

multi level marketing

Success Secrets Are Not A Mystery      For the past 6 years I have been had success in network marketing, after going through the whole corporate thing, I decided I needed to do something that would not just give me finances but also give me time freedom. This industry ticked all of the boxes. …

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Feb 12

What Is Content syndication?

content syndication

What is Content Syndication is the first thing I asked myself when I heard that phrase.     At that time all I wanted to know is how can I get my website to rank on Google, so that people could find me and I can develop more leads for my business. I had been …

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Feb 08

Why build A home-based business? | Home Based Business

Wrong perception

The Wrong Perception Of Generating An Income   Normally when people look at their options for generating an income, they normally look at trading their time for somebody else’s money, so they look for higher paying job. We are trained, from a very early age through the school system to do just that, so you …

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Jan 22

What Is Network Marketing?


  Is Network Marketing a Scam?   That is a question that many people have, but unfortunately a lot of people based their final conclusion of the wrong information. Network Marketing when done correctly can change the lives of ordinary people and help them to achieve extra ordinary incomes. Network Marketing or MLM is just …

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Mar 19

SEO, How Do You Do IT?


             How To Understand SEO? Lets begin with a quick explanation of SEO:   SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and this is what all online marketers are trying to achieve. Search Engine Optimisation is achieved by selecting the best targeted keyword phrases that relates to your site, to make sure your site can …

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