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Dec 18

The Success Mindset-Kansas City Workshop

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    Success Mindset   Earlier on this this year the company i am with asked me to do a workshop on the “Success Mindset“ This was such an important workshop to do because success in Network Marketing is going to start in a person’s head. A person will experience success in our industry, as with …

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Jul 30

Daily Bread, Take The Plunge

Taking The Plunge   What is it that you are thinking about doing that fear is stopping you from doing? Take The Plunge and step out in faith. Do not live a life of regret, the only commodity we cannot get back is time. Live your dream and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Success …

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Jun 22

DailyBread “Living Vs Surviving”

  Have You Thought Of Living vs Surviving? Most people are just surviving instead of living life to the full. Fear stops them from reaching their full potential and keeps them in the status quo. Life is too short and we only get one go at it. Don’t live in the, Would Have, Could Have, …

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Nov 27

Are you part of the momentum or are you just hearing about it?


Momentum Is An Amazing Thing!  TeamVisionarys Event What an amazing event over the weekend! What Joe & Carol millionares with our company, shared with us was truly priceless. For those of you who are already in the team, an hour long section of the training is available to you on the team training site: www.teamvisionarystraining.com. For …

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Mar 14

Reliv International Review


Enter Your Name & Email BelowWatch the full presentationFirst Name: Email: Show Presentation!Tweet   Company Review   Reliv International   This is my first company review on my blog and over the coming months I will be reviewing a number of different Network Marketing companies so that my readers can be fully informed about the …

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