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Jul 30

Impossible is it?


At some point in a persons life, people dream of achieving something great, having success and being remembered, you know being somebody special. If you are honest with yourself, you have probably dreamed of being a Holly Wood star and a famous music artist, or my be a successfully rich business man/woman. Maybe your dreams …

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Jun 02

Training Weekend In Paris


  Guys, we got spoiled AGAIN! This time it was in a Chateau in Paris. What an amazing weekend, for those people who do not think Home Based Businesses work, all I can say is watch the video.It’s reality vs opinion! Now it is time to go to work and help some more of the …

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Mar 05

European Success


  All over europe people are making the decison to change their lives financally. The beauty is, as these people learn some new skills, they are empowering themselves but also future generations. It always amazes me when people will just settle for “Good” instead of going for the “Best”. Many people are holding onto false …

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Feb 22

The Power Of A Choice

  It’s amazing the power that is contained in a choice, especially the right one. A right choice can advance a person exponentially, where as the wrong can hold them back just as powerfully. Life is all about choices, stepping out of our comfort zonees and doing things we have not done before. Never let …

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