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Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 30

DailyBread “Focus & Vision”

DailyBread Vision & Focus Where is your focus and vision? Are you the type of person who is easily swayed to the left and to the right? Have you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish at the stage of life you are? These are all important questions and questions worth reflecting on.   Have Focus …

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Jun 22

DailyBread “Living Vs Surviving”

  Have You Thought Of Living vs Surviving? Most people are just surviving instead of living life to the full. Fear stops them from reaching their full potential and keeps them in the status quo. Life is too short and we only get one go at it. Don’t live in the, Would Have, Could Have, …

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Jun 19

DailyBread “Be Careful Who You Believe”

Be Careful Who You Believe You have to be careful who you believe because many people will tell you a lot of rubbish and call it advice. I can guarantee you know someone who is a so called “Expert” at something and who will give you advice in that thing, however they have NO personal …

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Jun 18

DailyBread “Times & Seasons”

What re The Times & Seasons You Are Currently In? There are Times & Seasons for everything under the Sun! It is so important for people to understand that, where they are now is not where they are going to be in the future. They need to have vision in order to continue to work …

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Jun 17

DailyBread “Procrastination”

Procrastination    Procrastination is one of the biggest killers to success, many times people think that they are being productive by doing activity, but unfortunately what they are doing is actually making them unproductive, they are procrastinating. Just doing stuff does not mean you are being productive, in order for us to really be successful in …

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Jun 12

DailyBread “Take Ownership”

Take Ownership   So many people just want to point the finger and blame other people for their lack of success instead of taking ownership of the situation that they are currently in. One of the biggest things in life that we can gain on a continual basis is personal growth, because personal growth will …

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Jun 11

DailyBread “Challenging Times”

The Challenge Of Life Life is challenging and anybody who is ever been successful in life will tell you, they have had to go through processes and situations that have stretched them. The difference between the successful people and the people that fail are, the successful people continued to push when difficult times came. Today’s …

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Jun 10

DailyBread “Integrity”

Integrity Here is another installment of daily bread, the word for today is integrity. A lot of people take this for granted and try to do things that are self-serving, but if people just understand the importance of integrity, they will achieve a lot more in life, get a lot more done and help a lot more …

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Jun 09

Daily Bread: Don’t Quit!

Daily Bread Success in life is determined by what you choose to do and if you are willing to stick at what you are doing and be consistent with it, if you do that then you will be successful. The challenge for many people is that when people experience things that get too difficult, they …

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