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Success is not an accident, the key to success is planning and effort. There is an famous saying, which says “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

You show me any successful person and I will show you a person that had defined goals and made a plan of ACTION as to how to archeive them.

Every day is the start of a new opportunity to make a difference and this is normally the time where many people have good intentions to try and better their situations. However any good intention without action is just a good intention.

People typically fall into one of these categories:

1. Ready to move
2. Thinking of moving
3. Fearful of moving
4 To lazy to move
5. In a comfort zone

It does not matter how hard you try, you can not turn a ‘No person into a Yes’ person, you may be able to recruit them into your business, but they will never do anything. People who want to improve their situations do not have to be convinced of that fact, they are ready to move.

People who are uncomfortable with their situations, start thinking about ways to change it and start looking at various ways. They may not be necessarily be ready to make a decision on something but they have started the journey of research. Some of these people may get introduced to something and jump in straight away, it all depends on their character type (which i will explain about in a later blog). However many times these people are just gathering information.

Then you have the people that just let fear govern them all the time and therefore can never make a decision, even though they understand they need to.
By the way fear just stands for:

F: False
E: Evidence
A: Appearing

It has not happened, yet the person convinces themselves that it has already happened. Unfortunately, unless that person drastically changes their mindset, they will never move forward.

Then you have the person with the lottery mindset, you know the type; the type of person who expects something for nothing. Typically those types of people respond to the ads that say something like ” I made $10,000 in 3 weeks in this new business opportunity. I did not have to speak to anyone, the system did everything for me, i just worked 30mins a day on my computer and best of all it was FREE. Let me show you how!”

These types of people do not understand that your income follows your personal growth. Now maybe there are people who have built their businesses to a level where they can make $10,000 in 3 weeks being on their computers for 1 hour a day, however this is only possible because of all of the ground work that had gone on from before.
Too many people want the end result with having to go through the process. A lazy person is not an asset to themselves or others, what they truly are, is a liability.
You can identify them farely quickly by the type of langauge they use,

E.G They typicially do not want to invest any money at all, they can only put in minimum effort but they want maximum return. Excuses are the order of the day, but nothing is ever their fault. They have probably been in a number of opportunities in past, nothing has ever worked for them, because ALL of the opportunities were bad (So they think).

You can not help a lazy person to be successful, it would be like trying to push water up a hill.

Finally you have that person who is stuck in a comfort zone, they typically have jobs that are paying them a decent income or they are in jobs, doing things they have alway done, so their security is in their known routine.

People who are in this mindset only start looking outside of the box when their comfort zone is shaken;
e.g. the likihood of redundancy (downsizing), or the possiblity of getting fired, company closures or re-settlements, injury and pregnancy. These things typically cause them to stretch their thinking. However, as long as they are in that comfort zone, they will always do what they have always done and they will just be getting the same results, settling for ‘GOOD’ instead of receiving ‘BEST’

The reason why I took you through this process is, as I stated at the beginning, success is not an accident, it is a result of guidance and action. This is across all industry sectors and even more so with the Home Based Business industry, because our success is based on the empowerment of others. There is a statement that says:

“True wealth is hidden from those people who think they have to do it all themselves. However wealth exposes itself to those people who are patient enough to train others.”

RIGHT NOW is the start of a new opportunity, so you need to know and understand the types of people you want in your business and the types of people you should be prospecting.


You are in a unique position of being able to help people create wealth from home, so learn more about people than your opportunity and your business will skyrocket!
Set your Goals, breakdown your goals into Projects, then breakdown those projects into Tasks and final breakdown those tasks into Activities. From that point you can start working backards. What I mean by that is, when you do your Activities, you will complete your Tasks, when your Tasks are complete, you will come to the end of your Project and when you have come to the end of your project you would have hit your Goal!

Remember success is not an accident!


Jason I am ready to stop making excuses and to start being mentored!

If that is you, fill in your details below and I will give you some free training as a start, just to show you the type of development you will be getting as part of my team. It time to make a  change  RIGHT NOW !



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About Jason 

I have a passion to help people break out of the mind set that general society tries to impose on people, which is settling for a life that is just "Good".

I believe "Good" is the worst enemy of "Best" and if people would just grasp a hold of that, they would turn their lives around and really live life to the full.

If I can help enough people get what they want, I will not have to worry about what I want because the knock on effect of helping others is, your needs get met also.

I have a wife and 4 children and what I am building is to secure their futures, so as I help more people, I have the pleasure of seeing families built up and at the same time building up my own family.

A very famous book states: "A wise man leaves an inheritance to his children", so as I build for the future of my family, I guess I am gaining in wisdom.

I offer my time and my expertise to anyone who is sold out to their own success, however I waste very little time with people just give excuses, because if people are truly hungry, I should not have to convince them to eat!

The global law of Sowing and Reaping states, the more you give, is the more you will receive. So anyone wanting to build a strong business, but not willing to gave and serve others, will not be successful. This is why I love the home based home industry, because this philosophy is what propels it forward.

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